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Why partner with Selina?


We not only offer very fair rates starting at 4.95% for your clients, but also a fair commission for you of up to 3.5% per deal.


If you send us over a deal via the submit button, we will send you an indicative quote within 15 minutes.


The Selina Loan works like a line of credit. Your client can flexibly draw and repay the Selina Loan without any early repayment or other fees.

Simple Process

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There are no commitments in submitting a deal.


Get An Indicative Quote In 15 Minutes

If your client is eligible for a Selina Loan. You can fill out the online application and submit it


Funds Arrive

If your application for your client is sucesfully assed, we can payout the loan in less than 5 working days 


Submit An Application

If your application has been succesful, you can draw down as much as you want from your credit limit.


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Frequently asked questions

Currently, Selina lends to an LTV of up to 75%. During the application process a physical housing appraisal will take place.

What is the maximum LTV Selina lends to?

How can I calculate the equity in my client's home?

The equity in the home is calculated by subtracting the total outstanding mortgages on your home from the current market value of the home.

For the Selina Business Loan your clients needs to have an oustanding charge. However, for the Property Investment Loan your client does not need an outstanding charge on the property he wants to secure his loan against.

My client does not have an oustanding charge is he still eligble? 

What loan amounts does Selina offer?

Selina offers a minimum loan amount of £25,000 and a maximum loan amount of £400,000

Only residential properties are eligible for the Selina Business Loan.

What type of properties are eligible?

What loan terms does Selina offer?

Selina offers loan terms of 5 years

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