Our story

Trillions of pounds in value are locked up in UK homes, while at the same time, homeowners still rely on expensive consumer loans, credit cards, or overdrafts. The inflexible and archaic secured products are simply not serving customer needs for flexibility and affordability. With our experience in real estate, finance and technology, Selina is bringing together the best from different worlds to offer customers a next-generation financing option – a product that is as flexible as a current account, as affordable as a mortgage, and as easy to apply for as a consumer loan.

Who we are

Selina Finance was founded with the aim of providing affordable and flexible financing to business owners across the UK. By unlocking your home’s potential, we provide the funds to help fuel your businesses growth.


We’re an ambitious and diverse team of highly skilled professionals with backgrounds in private equity, fintech, management consulting and much more besides. Over the past year, we’ve worked tirelessly from our offices in Tottenham Court Road to develop Selina Finance into one of the most exciting new digital lenders in the UK.


Interested in finding out more about us? Give us a call and lets unlock your home’s potential.